Green Photo Tours, Expeditions, & Workshops
Taking you and your camera to the ends of the Earth.
Green Photo Tours... coming soon!
Green Photo Tours was founded by New York City photographer and writer David Langs. David has a unique and varied history revolving upon his life-long involvement with the science and art of photography; concentrated in the fields of photojournalism, editorial, and studio imagery. As of the past few years, lecturing, consulting, as well as technical and creative content production have become a primary outlet. is one of these ventures, consisting of an educational website directed towards roving and adventurous photographers. It serves to foster a love for travel and the outdoors while balancing the logistical difficulties of wielding the tools needed for artistic expression and documentation, with tools required for remote wilderness survival. This is a delicate art that requires a mastery of and trust in one’s gear as well as a strong knowledge of the environment one plans on immersing themselves into.